Kreolis Music World – 09.06.2024 Oldschool Jungle Core #164


This time we are going old school. Who needs a new song every day if there are already so many good old songs that just have been forgotten.
So lets dig into some old Jungle when DnB was not yet born.

01 Valley of the Shadows by VALLEY OF THE SHADOWS
02 The Touch by THE TOUCH
03 Just a Little (Stink mix) by JUST A LITTLE
04 Euphoria (Nino’s Dream) by EUPHORIA(NINO’S DREAM)
05 Respected Not Accepted by A Touch of Jazz
06 Unplugged (Chaos & Julia Set remix) by Appaloosa
07 Walter Jelly by New Jack Pimps
08 Life Began Changing by Van Kleef
09 The Razor’s Edge by Steve C & Monita
10 Can I Dream (Uncut dub) by Original Substitute
11 The License by Krome & Time
12 Drop the Bass by OutPhaze
13 Extreme by The Tripper

Kreolis Music World – 18.05.2024 Alikulku Sunrise DnB #163


Last set of a really beautiful night with the crew. Only a few people left on the dance floor but the sun rising already in the background.
I am not really happy with the transitions in this one, but the music vibe was nice.

01 Crazy Ft Alex Holmes (SKMA Remix) by Beat Assassins
02 Daydreamer (Buffasyze & JKREPTILE Flip) by Buffasyze
04 Cosmic Creeper by Keeno
05 Titans (Ill Truth Remix) by Blu Mar Ten
06 All the Shimmering Things by Keeno
07 The Song by AIRGLO
08 Guesswork by Keeno
09 Nightingale Valley by Keeno
10 Daydreaming by Keeno/Kailaa
11 Wubba Lubba Dub by Low:r
12 Aave by Cognitoni
13 Medusa by DLR & Safire
14 Strength In You by HC BASS
15 Selfish (Noppo Bootleg) by Little Simz
16 Trauma Into Power (Feat. Twin.FX) by Lesus

Kreolis Music World – 30.03.2024 Ylikulku Neuro DnB #159


Short but mighty! This episode is the recording of the set that I played during the Yliuklu rave 2024.
It was really awesome and so far my best experience and I hope that you can hear that also in it.

This episode is also available as a video:

So move your furniture aside and prepare for dancing!

01 Gutenberg by gyrofield
02 Beauty by NC-17 & Dr. Apollo
03 Dawn by Shayper
04 A Thousand Eyes by Mandidextrous & Matt Scratch
05 Can You Hear Me? by Russla & Sola
06 We Need Jungle [I’m afraid] by Venjent
07 Extraction by Malux
08 Faded by Low:r & Kit Rice
09 Jungle Ballet by Keeno
10 Massacre by Erb N Dub
11 Fools by Monty & Halogenix
12 Wubba Lubba Dub by Low:r
13 Dis Di Man (Pete Cannon Remix) by Beenie Man
14 The Raid (Callide Remix) by Beat Assassins

Kreolis Music World – 25.02.2024 Oldschool or Liquid Jungle? #157


You liked the last episode? Then you will like this one where I ask the question is oldschool Jungle the newschool liquid Jungle. Am I making up some genre that you dont know? What ever… Is’nt that how genres are created?

01 100 Tons of Bass by J and J
02 Ecstatic by Intense
03 Mindscape by Dub Technicians
04 Pulse of Life by The Sentinel
05 I Like It by Jack n Phil
06 Switch by DJ Rap
07 Deep Love by Dillinja & Mystery
08 Peace ‘n Luv by Unity
09 Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix) by Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith
10 Fall Down on Me by Original Substitute
11 New Vision by Big Bud

Kreolis Music World – 11.02.2024 Coming back from the Jungle #156


I know I have been missing one spot of my episodes. Well I was quite busy travelling etc. So let me take you to the Jungle I was in. Well not really I jsut wanted to make that joke. Enjoy!

01 Salute by Macka B
02 PUT DOWN THE GUN by Subcriminal
03 Down The Line Dub (Whiney & Inja Remix) by Mafia & Fluxy
04 Wobbles by Kartoon
05 War Dem Ft Miss Stylie by Beat Assassins
06 Forward & Pull Up (Urbandawn Remix) by Chaka Demus
07 Im Still In Love (T>I Remix) by Alton Ellis
08 Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix) (Original) by John Holt
09 Skylarking (London Elektricity Remix) by Horace Andy
10 Pull Up Selector (Nu:Logic Remix) by Jimmy Riley & Tarrus Riley
11 Burial (Think Tonk Remix) by King Tubby & Barry Brown
12 Riddim Time by Avalon Rays
13 Ali Baba (Saxxon Remix) by John Holt
14 At The Foot Of The Mountain (Double O & Mantra Remix) by Dennis Brown
15 Oh Gosh! by Undercover Agent

Kreolis Music World – 20.01.2024 Liquified #155


We are vibing again. First recording in the new year. I have a new mic and I hope you can hear the difference.

01 Seathasky by Seathasky
02 The 3rd Floor by Patient
03 Goat Shed by Patient
04 What You Deserve by Majestim
05 Separate by Low:r
06 Lila Iké I Spy (Ji Ben Gong Bootleg) by Ji Ben Gong
08 Barnacles (Chrizz0r Remix) by Emancipator
10 Piano Only by Keeno
11 Boo’d Up (Oddsoul Bootleg) by Ella Mai
12 So Good by Elixr
13 In Memory by Jay Dubz

Kreolis Music World – Jungle and Core? #145


Back in Finland, we are starting where we left off.
This time a nice jungle but at the end maybe a bit too hard Drum & Bass?

1 Fle by Mitekiss
2 Hidden Peaks by Keeno
3 Dronez Part Deux by Stranjah
4 Murder Dem (Danny Byrd Remix) by Ninjaman
5 Durban Posion by Babylon Timewarp
6 Dis Di Man (Pete Cannon Remix) by Beenie Man
7 Ganja Man by DJ Krome & Mr. Time
8 Ali Baba (Saxxon Remix) by John Holt
9 Original Rubadubstyle by DJ Dubplate
10 Forward & Pull up (Urbandawn Remix) by Chaka Remus
11 Hunter by Geist Fibre
12 I will gladly die (for the same reason) by Dadub


Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass Chill #144


Did you notice those old game console drum & bass mixes that appeared on youtube a while ago? I was a bit inspired by those and put a nice chillout liquid drum & bass episode together for you.
So lets enjoy the vibes!

1 Fool’s Paradise (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
2 Sometimes We Lie… (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
3 Space 2 Breathe VIP by Bop
4 Remember That Day by EastColors
5 Pastel by Channell
6 Desire by Petroll
7 Ciconia by Nu:Tone
8 Felt by Pola & Bryson
9 Still Life by Tokyo Prose
10 Lviv by Seba
11 Your Soul by Redeyes
12 Spaces by Etherwood
13 Star Search by Flaco
14 Adrift by Brainwork
15 If You Want by Zar

Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass #139


Lovely Sunday in Finland and we are enjoying the last glimpses of the weekend.
If you had no time to dance then be ready. However, we are slowing it down at the end.

1 Rido Breeze by Metalheadz
2 Tink Ya Bad (Original Mix) by G Dub
3 Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
4 Autopsy (Original Mix) by Receptor
5 Murmur (ft. Break) by Octane & DLR
6 Round the World in a Day feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Royalston Remix) by London Elektricity
7 Shiver by A Sides
8 Stick & Move feat. MC Fokus (Original Mix) by DLR,MC Fokus,Octane
9 Still Remain by Chords
10 Hope by Cooh
11 Come To Pass by Grafix
12 Fuji (William Light Remix) by IMANU
13 About That by MISSIN
14 Left Of Field by Machine Code
15 Odesa by Halogenix
16 Coming Home by KALOA
17 Fallen From Grace by Leniz & Telomic

Kreolis Music World – Alikulku Drum & Bass #137


We had another underground party. I am very thankful that I could play there. The audience was really nice and weather was also already warm enough to enjoy.
I played pretty hardcore stuff that I you normally not hear from me. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it!!!

1 Vanta Blackin by Benny L & Inja
2 Cosmic by DJ Trace
3 Jungle Bells by Dunk
4 Face of Ceres by Harka ft. Top Rankin
5 Iverson by HLZ
6 Criminal by Joely
7 Stay by Kray
8 The ISM by Melinki x Macca
9 Don’t Suffocate Me by Gemma Rose x External Subway
10 Cyber City by MEL
11 Balto by Petroll
12 DRM by Smokey
13 Antechamber by SyRan
14 Sleek (Original Mix) by Whiney
15 Lightning Flashes (Original Mix) by Infuzoria
16 Toyo by Dextems
17 Down (Original Mix) by Gemini (UK)