Kreolis Music World – 14.04.2024 Transformation #160


I was invited to a very special event as a DJ: It’s called Muuttumisleikki / The Transformation Game, and the idea is to be transformed for Wappu (1.May is a special day for students in Finland).
Everyone will bring 4-6 drinks, sit down at their seat and then listen to the music for an hour in a dark room lit up only by some ambient lighting and try to finish their drinks in time.

This is the set for the transformation. Tell me your transformation in the comments!

01 Drift by Bicep
02 Night Bird by Deep Forest
03 Recept by Quanta
04 333 (Original Mix) by FM Radio Gods
05 Aureus by Secula
06 Positive Vibration by Liveloula & Shamanic Theory
07 Hypnautic Beats (Hypemix) by Konzept
08 Robotnik (Kling Klang Mix) by Kraftwerk
09 Focus by Stormfield
10 Philosophie by Simmetune

Kreolis Music World – 30.03.2024 Ylikulku Neuro DnB #159


Short but mighty! This episode is the recording of the set that I played during the Yliuklu rave 2024.
It was really awesome and so far my best experience and I hope that you can hear that also in it.

This episode is also available as a video:

So move your furniture aside and prepare for dancing!

01 Gutenberg by gyrofield
02 Beauty by NC-17 & Dr. Apollo
03 Dawn by Shayper
04 A Thousand Eyes by Mandidextrous & Matt Scratch
05 Can You Hear Me? by Russla & Sola
06 We Need Jungle [I’m afraid] by Venjent
07 Extraction by Malux
08 Faded by Low:r & Kit Rice
09 Jungle Ballet by Keeno
10 Massacre by Erb N Dub
11 Fools by Monty & Halogenix
12 Wubba Lubba Dub by Low:r
13 Dis Di Man (Pete Cannon Remix) by Beenie Man
14 The Raid (Callide Remix) by Beat Assassins

Kreolis Music World – 10.03.2024 Chillout and Meditative Techno #158


Today was a lazy day. Best end to such a day? Some meditative techno. Laying down and enjoying the flow.
I hope you are doing that when listening to this episode!

01 Uncompromising (Original Mix) by Adana Twins
02 Fluke (Original Mix) by Rampa
03 Friction by Phiorio
04 Gwynt by Raw
05 Risk Assessment by Plastikman
06 Amplitude by Luis M
07 Diwali Liquids by Nuage
08 Cosmic Trigger (Executive Producer Remix) by Aerodromme
09 Nam Nam by Trentemoller
10 Float In Space (Zen Racoon Remix) by Code Therapy

Kreolis Music World – 25.02.2024 Oldschool or Liquid Jungle? #157


You liked the last episode? Then you will like this one where I ask the question is oldschool Jungle the newschool liquid Jungle. Am I making up some genre that you dont know? What ever… Is’nt that how genres are created?

01 100 Tons of Bass by J and J
02 Ecstatic by Intense
03 Mindscape by Dub Technicians
04 Pulse of Life by The Sentinel
05 I Like It by Jack n Phil
06 Switch by DJ Rap
07 Deep Love by Dillinja & Mystery
08 Peace ‘n Luv by Unity
09 Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix) by Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith
10 Fall Down on Me by Original Substitute
11 New Vision by Big Bud

Kreolis Music World – 11.02.2024 Coming back from the Jungle #156


I know I have been missing one spot of my episodes. Well I was quite busy travelling etc. So let me take you to the Jungle I was in. Well not really I jsut wanted to make that joke. Enjoy!

01 Salute by Macka B
02 PUT DOWN THE GUN by Subcriminal
03 Down The Line Dub (Whiney & Inja Remix) by Mafia & Fluxy
04 Wobbles by Kartoon
05 War Dem Ft Miss Stylie by Beat Assassins
06 Forward & Pull Up (Urbandawn Remix) by Chaka Demus
07 Im Still In Love (T>I Remix) by Alton Ellis
08 Police In Helicopter (Benny L Remix) (Original) by John Holt
09 Skylarking (London Elektricity Remix) by Horace Andy
10 Pull Up Selector (Nu:Logic Remix) by Jimmy Riley & Tarrus Riley
11 Burial (Think Tonk Remix) by King Tubby & Barry Brown
12 Riddim Time by Avalon Rays
13 Ali Baba (Saxxon Remix) by John Holt
14 At The Foot Of The Mountain (Double O & Mantra Remix) by Dennis Brown
15 Oh Gosh! by Undercover Agent

Kreolis Music World – 20.01.2024 Liquified #155


We are vibing again. First recording in the new year. I have a new mic and I hope you can hear the difference.

01 Seathasky by Seathasky
02 The 3rd Floor by Patient
03 Goat Shed by Patient
04 What You Deserve by Majestim
05 Separate by Low:r
06 Lila Iké I Spy (Ji Ben Gong Bootleg) by Ji Ben Gong
08 Barnacles (Chrizz0r Remix) by Emancipator
10 Piano Only by Keeno
11 Boo’d Up (Oddsoul Bootleg) by Ella Mai
12 So Good by Elixr
13 In Memory by Jay Dubz

Kreolis Music World – 07.01.2024 Minimal Effort #154


It was a lovely year. Lets start into the new one with something nice and flowy.

1 B.B.E. (Big Booty Express) (Instrumental Mix) by Jay Dee
2 La Forme (King of the Mountains Mix by Hot Chip) by Kraftwerk
3 Gwynt by Raw
4 Risk Assessment by Plastikman
5 Rotoinversion by Minimal Cadets
6 Friction by Phiorio
7 Formula by Room 10
8 Shifting To Noax by Octad
9 Lichtpille (Original Mix) by Dapayk Solo

Kreolis Music World – 17.12.2023 Dark and Old Techno #153


We are starting dark and minimal with some big names in the Techno scene around 2000. Later on we progress towards even older Techno with a lot more harmonics and lyrics.

01 Gott by Anthony Rother
02 Darko by Booka Shade
03 The Now People by Gregor Tresher
04 Blüten sind dem grossen Schillerfalter fremd by Dominik Eulberg
05 You’re my kind by Electrochemie
06 Seven deadly strokes (Patrick Chardon Remix) by Claude Vonstroke
07 Superlicious by Swoop
08 Rock das right by Sven Wegner
09 Savage Logic (Techno Club Mix) by Die Form
10 Disco Therapy by Trance Media
11 Here on my own by The Disco Boys

Kreolis Music World – 03.12.2023 Ambient Advent #152


In the middle of advent I am inviting you to join my relaxation journey with a bit of downtempo and ambient music. So get onto your comfy sofa or chillout area and your headphones and try to relax your mind together with me.

1 South Of The Sky Temple by Krusseldorf
2 Wolves’ Dreams by Vena Portae
3 Life Beyond You by Organikismness
4 Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2000) by Kraftwerk
5 Ethereal Ecstasy by Chaos Control
6 Renacer by Ajnia
7 Sine Healing (Alchemy Mix) by School Of Crystal Healing
8 Dub Cup by Chronos vs Acidkit
9 In The Night by Frenquency

Kreolis Music World – 19.11.2023 Holiday World #151


Today we are going on a trip to warmer countries. Maybe some of you associate this music with vacation. For me, it is definitely relaxing, but you can also dance during your holidays, can’t you?

01 Ribes by The Bombillas
02 My Own Drum by Jumbo System
03 Salamandra by He K Tombe
04 Archfoe by Afro Social Club
05 Genes (Album Version) by Blair French
06 Wonder Us (Renegade of Jazz remix) by Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra
07 Vuelve by Insólito UniVerso
08 Fire by Break Ya Bones
09 Tikulafe by Zé Bigode
10 Livyatan by Stepak Takraw
11 Ballada by The Mabon Dawud Republic
12 Mango by Bahama Soul Club ft Arema Arega