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Welcome Day at Orientation Week | Aalto Univserity 01.09.2022

At Aalto University the orientation week for new students is one of the most important events in a semester.

During the welcome day they will have 6h of music. Among others Kreolis will play a set of about 2 hours.


Hhemo Haippi Sailing Ship Party | Tietokilta 13.08.2022

Does the cawing of a seagull make you inexplicably long for the sea? Is the ship just missing from under you, or would you rather spend the warm and darkening August evenings on the sweet waves of the Gulf of Finland? Your opportunity has come: when the summer evening allows the stars to twinkle again, the guild offers an unprecedented setting for sailing on the deck of m/s Astrid. A real wooden sailing ship smells of tar and the sunset, and the plump sails push the handsome entity silky smoothly through the waves - the crown jewel of it all, however, is the bountiful open bar and the chords played by the live DJ cascading from the surface of the sea.

So head to Halkolaituri on Saturday 13.8., and the anchor will drop and you can admire the shrinking coastline while your favorite drink bubbles in your cup - and your cup will really be taken care of by the even more satisfying open bar all evening.

This experience, even more glittering than the sea, is the only one of its kind!

#dj #electronic #music

Corporate Friday into Holidays Party | Sievo 17.06.2022

In the middle of midsummer the company Sievo based in Helsinki (directly at the heart of the city) book us for a after work party at a lovely warm Friday.

For this one as it was a private event there was no playlist or recording possible.

#dj #electronic #music

Virtual Germany VR-Convention Afterparty 28.04.2021

This is where the German VR community romps: for exchange, networking and celebrating together - all about Virtual Reality IN Virtual Reality!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I played from 19:30 till 22:30 UTC.

You can listen back to it via these 3 Kreolis Music World podcast episodes (playlists are also provided there):

Episode 92
Episode 93
Episode 94

#party #vr #tivoli #dj #electronic #music #virtual #reality

Early Access Excess 11.07.2020

This time we celebrate the early access launch of Tivoli Cloud VR.
Thanks to Christina XaosPrincess Kinne for having Kreolis again as a DJ.

The set is available as podcast.

PS: We are searching for more DJs. So contact us, if you want present music in front of an awesome community!

#party #vr #tivoli #dj #electronic #music #virtual #reality

Lockdown Dance Party 16.05.2020

On Saturday, May 16th, 2pm-6pm PDT, we are throwing our second LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY while donating computing power to fight coronavirus.

The set is available as podcast.

Also some impression can be found here:

Pictures from Today’s Lockdown Dance Party in High Fidelity, Presented by XaosPrincess and Tivoli Cloud VR!

It was truly awesome!

Lockdown Dance Party 25.04.2020

We  are very excited to invite you to one of the most amazing parties of your life. Xaosprincess was kind enough to invite me to play on the Lockdown Dance Party of hers.

It will be the best party since it will be in VR. That means you can forget all of the health restrictions conserning corona and just have a chat with your friends and dance.

So save the date! Below and here you can find more information on how to connect to the party (btw you can also join if you do not have a VR headset)

So see you there!

On Saturday, April 25th, 2pm-6pm PDT, we are throwing a LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY while donating computing power to fight coronavirus.

For playlist and audio see here.

or listen here:

RAVE 25.05.2018

Kreolis played one hour DnB Set.
Where?: Englischer Garten
When?: 1-2 am 26.05.2018

Here is the list of the songs Kreolis played:

1Turn Up (The Music) (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
2Inversion by Sneaky
3Take No More (Original Mix) by Utah Jazz
4Daydreams VIP (Original Mix) by Proktah
5Tearing Me Apart feat. Kyan (Original Mix) by Hugh Hardie,Kyan
6Stretched (Original Mix) by DJ Zinc
7Spacetime by Future Signal
8Sputnik (Original Mix) by Electrosoul System
9Down (Original Mix) by Gemini (UK)
10Hot Foot (Original Mix) by Dose,Trei
11Extraction (Original) by Black Sun Empire
12Can't Be Soft (Original Mix) by Forbidden Society
13Next Phase (Original Mix) by Ruffhouse
14Toyo by Dextems

Filmfestparty of LAKFF2016

Kreolis is playing in the 35mm Bar in front of the international guests of the LAKFF.

Where: 35 millimeter Landshut

When: 12.3.2016, 10pm

Who: Everybody who loves music

Listen to SOULFUL House and Jazz - LAKFF 2016 - Party 12.03.2016 byKreolis on


Starfotograf Philip Reichwein bittet zum festlichen Silvesterdinner - Glamourös, spannend, einzigartig.

Es soll ein Abend der Superlative werden. Die Location, ein professionelles TOP-Studio, das zur Festhalle umdekoriert wird.

Als Live-Musik-Akt haben wir den absolut angesagten KREOLIS verpflichten können.

BACK INTO ABSCHIEBUNG? - Gleiches Recht für jeden Menschen @Jugendzentrum Poschinger Villa - 19.06.15

//// ACTS:

//Disko (unten):

21.00 - 22.30 Uhr: Kreolis (deep House)

01.00 - 02.30 Uhr: Kreolis (Liquid Drum & Bass)

// Großer Raum (oben):

21.00 - 23.00 Uhr: Zweibahnstraße (Minimal, House)

23.00 - 01.00 Uhr: Cosmic Vibration (space trax rec.) Live shamanic drums psytrance set

01.00 - 02.30 Uhr: DJ Burner (Techno & Balkan Beats)

„Papa ich will auch ein Kleid haben!” - Queer-Party @Rocket Club Landshut - 23.05.13

// ACTS:

Jan!k - Zweibahnstraße (Mixcloud): Tech-House

Rather Raccoon (MySpace): StreetSkaPunkrock (live)

Kreolis (Soundcloud): Tech-House (Hybrides Live-Dj-Set)

Another Broken Spine (Soundcloud): Techno & Bass Music