Upcoming events

Big Anniversary Party

Since I am active for 10 years by now and I am getting quarter of a century old, I thought it would be a good idea to make a big party!

Where: ??? Surprise!

When: Summer (more infos while be published)

What: Me having fun while you dance and drink

Previous Events

RAVE 25.05.2018

I played one hour DnB Set.
Where?: Englischer Garten
When?: 1-2 am 26.05.2018

Here is the list of the songs I played:

1Turn Up (The Music) (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
2Inversion by Sneaky
3Take No More (Original Mix) by Utah Jazz
4Daydreams VIP (Original Mix) by Proktah
5Tearing Me Apart feat. Kyan (Original Mix) by Hugh Hardie,Kyan
6Stretched (Original Mix) by DJ Zinc
7Spacetime by Future Signal
8Sputnik (Original Mix) by Electrosoul System
9Down (Original Mix) by Gemini (UK)
10Hot Foot (Original Mix) by Dose,Trei
11Extraction (Original) by Black Sun Empire
12Can't Be Soft (Original Mix) by Forbidden Society
13Next Phase (Original Mix) by Ruffhouse
14Toyo by Dextems

Filmfestparty of LAKFF2016

Kreolis is playing in the 35mm Bar in front of the international guests of the LAKFF.

Where: 35 millimeter Landshut

When: 12.3.2016, 10pm

Who: Everybody who loves music

Listen to SOULFUL House and Jazz - LAKFF 2016 - Party 12.03.2016 byKreolis on


Starfotograf Philip Reichwein bittet zum festlichen Silvesterdinner - Glamourös, spannend, einzigartig.

Es soll ein Abend der Superlative werden. Die Location, ein professionelles TOP-Studio, das zur Festhalle umdekoriert wird.

Als Live-Musik-Akt haben wir den absolut angesagten KREOLIS verpflichten können.

BACK INTO ABSCHIEBUNG? - Gleiches Recht für jeden Menschen @Jugendzentrum Poschinger Villa - 19.06.15

//// ACTS:

//Disko (unten):

21.00 - 22.30 Uhr: Kreolis (deep House)

01.00 - 02.30 Uhr: Kreolis (Liquid Drum & Bass)

// Großer Raum (oben):

21.00 - 23.00 Uhr: Zweibahnstraße (Minimal, House)

23.00 - 01.00 Uhr: Cosmic Vibration (space trax rec.) Live shamanic drums psytrance set

01.00 - 02.30 Uhr: DJ Burner (Techno & Balkan Beats)

„Papa ich will auch ein Kleid haben!” - Queer-Party @Rocket Club Landshut - 23.05.13

// ACTS:

    Jan!k - Zweibahnstraße (Mixcloud): Tech-House

    Rather Raccoon (MySpace): StreetSkaPunkrock (live)

    Kreolis (Soundcloud): Tech-House (Hybrides Live-Dj-Set)

    Another Broken Spine (Soundcloud): Techno & Bass Music