Websites and Social Media

Websites & Social Media

Commissioned work - Haus der Kräuter & Gewürze

I did a complete overhaul of the website in 2018. Here I not only made it simple to maintain, but also a visually pleasing new web presences with the future proof capability to exented the basic product archive into a full webshop.

This work involved the work from provider change to setting up the webspace. Also all the product photos are made by my self. As part of the long term support here I also publish the blog entries.

Commissioned work - MOVE (WARR Satellite Technology)

  1. I am part of the Satellite Technology team of the WARR. Here I am managing not only the website ( but also I am the head of the Public Relations team.

The team is responsible for updating all social media presences like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. As head of the team I am responsible for a good team work. As we are only 5 people, I am still doing a lot my self.

Commissioned work - LAKFF

As part of my work at the Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival,  I am responsible for thier website as seen here:

I manage all content on this page and I am the communicator between the festival and the service company and thier staff, who manage the webspace.

Commissioned work - Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering

For the computer science chair of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Bungartz at the Technical University of Munich, who is also involved in the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational Engineering. They needed a new website with simple design and maintainability. Based on wordpress I designed a nice looking responsive and quick website.

Commissioned work - Ferienakademie

For the computer science chair of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Bungartz at the Technical University of Munich, who is managing the so called Ferienakademie workshop week, I made a complete new wordpress website and also a django application service website.

Here not only a pleasing website also a funcitonal and for the customer fitting application system was developed by me. The applicants have an easy interface where they have to provide there informations and files. At the backend the service staff of the Ferienakademie have all they need to decied on the application on one page. Here an easy processing of each applicant was made possible.