My journey in Finland

So as I said I moved to Finland to do my PhD at Aalto University. But you might think what about the media production?

Well that is easy check out my new YouTube channel:
Here I will post from time to time videos about the life and experiences I will have in Finland.

So if you want to stay up to date then head to YouTube and subscribe. I will probably also make some post about it here too. But who reads blog posts these days?

Birthday Party of Teresa (16.07.2021)

I had a wonderful evening at the birthday party of Teresa!
As I have heard the other day, it was quite a party for all the guests too.

I was delighted to play a 6 hour set. From Soul via Hip Hop to Techno.
This was a really lovely experience right before I took my flight to Finland.
So if you want to party with me the next time around you either have to wait until I am back (probably in winter) or you have to visit me in Finland.

Of course all the playlist will be available soon together with the individual sections as podcast episodes. At the moment I only have very basic internet so I may take a little while until the next podcast episode or video.

Until then have a nice summer!

Computer Problems

Unfortunately my streaming and recording computer has a problem. This means at the moment I cant give you any new podcasts.

But I can assure you there will come more podcasts with more nice music!

Hear you soon!

Hello to the new social live!

I am know also on Mastodon. So hello to you all. Now I will discover the Federate Universe. I am very excited.

So for everyone who is not familiar with the new social media, here a short explanaiton:

Fediverse social networks differ from mainstream platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). Federated networks are developed by a community of people all around the globe, independent from any corporation or official institution. Another difference from corporate silos is the principle of federation. Each mainstream network concentrates millions of users in one place. Their corporate team controlls all information on that one big platform and hoards users’ private data for commercial profit and spying.

So this is in my opinion the future. Thereby I will quite from old solcial media probably quite soon. So please dont be sad, just meet me on the other side!

Wonderful VR evening

A few days ago my uncel and my grandma came over and tried my VR headset for the first time.

It was amazing to watch. They did so great in VR. Also thanks to the help of XaosPrincess which they met in TivoliCloud VR. It is simply amazing how natural social VR feels, seeing total VR strangers adapt within minutes.

Thank you so much for coming by and thank you Xaos for your help.


Here we go again:
On Saturday, May 16th, 2pm-6pm PDT, we are throwing our second LOCKDOWN DANCE PARTY while donating computing power to fight coronavirus.
For boarding instructions go here:

I hope you are as excited as me! If you have any questions or suggestions how to improve things or maybe also a track I should play, contact me on

Let’s do this!

New anamorphic lens with my cat

Finally my new anamorphic lens arrived: Sirui 50mm x1.33 anamorphic.

Let’s see what I can do with it. I will probably also buy some diopters to get really close to the subject.