First Short Film

Hey! My first short documentary is released now.
It is about my neighbor. She is a wonderful with all kinds of fabrics.

Watch it here:

Here is the german synopsis:
In der heutigen Wegwerfgesellschaft findet man kaum noch Menschen die Kleidung wertschätzen. Meist wird das gute Stück dann einfach entsorgt, wenn auch nur eine Kleinigkeit fehlt.
Schon seit 40 Jahren flickt und stopft Uta Dirks in ihrer Wohnung im 2. Stock in Landshut für ihre Kunden Kleidungsstücke aller Art.
Sie hat als Stoffdesginerin angefangen und die Abwanderung der Textilindustrie ins Ausland selbst zu spüren bekommen.
Früher war ihr das Gobelinweben ein wichtiges Anliegen. Dieses Hobby kann Sie leider aufgrund ihrer Gesundheit nicht mehr weiterverfolgen. Auch jetzt noch in ihrer Rente ist sie fleißig wie eh und je und repariert für unzählige Kunden aus ganz Bayern Kleidungsstücke.

All City Modular Night – Synth Party Shanghai

This time I am speaking to you about a distant party. Why?

Well my dad is doing the visuals on it and maybe also a bit of music too.

My dad is currently in China exploring the synth music scene there.
He made himself quite popular with old school styled visuals to the music from the local synthesizer community.
On Saturday 04.12.2021 he will have the first try in streaming one of these parties via my website.

When: 04.12.2021 15:00 UTC

Where: or WeChat

What: Modular synth music (Techno, House)

PS.: The streaming website might get nicer 😀

Kreolis Music World – Jazz (Vinyl Special) #100


This is a special episode as it marks 100 episodes over the last three years. So I am very thankful to all you listeners and supporters for these years and I hope you stay with me also the next couple of 100 episodes.

Also almost all records played in this episode are bought in the loveliest record store Helsinki can offer.

1 Antiplace by Superposition
2 Bilawal by Superposition
3 Metropolis Part VIII by Mike Westbrook Orchestra
4 Future on you by Shintaro Quintet
5 Manteca by The Pentagon
6 Mothership by Dwight Trible
7 Durian by The Cinematic Orchestra
8 Näed vaid oma silmi by Tiiu Varik

My journey in Finland

So as I said I moved to Finland to do my PhD at Aalto University. But you might think what about the media production?

Well that is easy check out my new YouTube channel:
Here I will post from time to time videos about the life and experiences I will have in Finland.

So if you want to stay up to date then head to YouTube and subscribe. I will probably also make some post about it here too. But who reads blog posts these days?

Birthday Party of Teresa (16.07.2021)

I had a wonderful evening at the birthday party of Teresa!
As I have heard the other day, it was quite a party for all the guests too.

I was delighted to play a 6 hour set. From Soul via Hip Hop to Techno.
This was a really lovely experience right before I took my flight to Finland.
So if you want to party with me the next time around you either have to wait until I am back (probably in winter) or you have to visit me in Finland.

Of course all the playlist will be available soon together with the individual sections as podcast episodes. At the moment I only have very basic internet so I may take a little while until the next podcast episode or video.

Until then have a nice summer!

Computer Problems

Unfortunately my streaming and recording computer has a problem. This means at the moment I cant give you any new podcasts.

But I can assure you there will come more podcasts with more nice music!

Hear you soon!