Kreolis Music World – 25.02.2024 Oldschool or Liquid Jungle? #157


You liked the last episode? Then you will like this one where I ask the question is oldschool Jungle the newschool liquid Jungle. Am I making up some genre that you dont know? What ever… Is’nt that how genres are created?

01 100 Tons of Bass by J and J
02 Ecstatic by Intense
03 Mindscape by Dub Technicians
04 Pulse of Life by The Sentinel
05 I Like It by Jack n Phil
06 Switch by DJ Rap
07 Deep Love by Dillinja & Mystery
08 Peace ‘n Luv by Unity
09 Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix) by Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith
10 Fall Down on Me by Original Substitute
11 New Vision by Big Bud