Kreolis Music World – 20.01.2024 Liquified #155


We are vibing again. First recording in the new year. I have a new mic and I hope you can hear the difference.

01 Seathasky by Seathasky
02 The 3rd Floor by Patient
03 Goat Shed by Patient
04 What You Deserve by Majestim
05 Separate by Low:r
06 Lila Iké I Spy (Ji Ben Gong Bootleg) by Ji Ben Gong
08 Barnacles (Chrizz0r Remix) by Emancipator
10 Piano Only by Keeno
11 Boo’d Up (Oddsoul Bootleg) by Ella Mai
12 So Good by Elixr
13 In Memory by Jay Dubz

Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass #150


Back on track and lots of fun during this episode. I started with some chill liquid DnB tracks and then suddently we got into a bit more upbeat territory. So call your buddies and move the sofa for a make shift dance floor.

01 Headway by Radiax
02 Velvet Fiddler by RoyGreen & Protone
03 Crush by Osmani Soundz
04 Faded by Low:r & Kit Rice
05 When I Want More by Elixr ft. Demi Caswell
06 Pulsar by In:Most
07 Could Be by Beeson
08 yanomi by Etherwood
09 Broken Love by Marble Elephant
10 Aegis by Mountain
11 Paolo by Mark Dinimal
12 Light – So by Low & Sammie Hall
13 Memory by Warm Roller
14 Lost Souls by EZ Riser
15 Quiet Man by UKato

Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass Chill #144


Did you notice those old game console drum & bass mixes that appeared on youtube a while ago? I was a bit inspired by those and put a nice chillout liquid drum & bass episode together for you.
So lets enjoy the vibes!

1 Fool’s Paradise (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
2 Sometimes We Lie… (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
3 Space 2 Breathe VIP by Bop
4 Remember That Day by EastColors
5 Pastel by Channell
6 Desire by Petroll
7 Ciconia by Nu:Tone
8 Felt by Pola & Bryson
9 Still Life by Tokyo Prose
10 Lviv by Seba
11 Your Soul by Redeyes
12 Spaces by Etherwood
13 Star Search by Flaco
14 Adrift by Brainwork
15 If You Want by Zar

Kreolis Music World – Polin Appro Drippy DnB #128


Have you ever been on a pup crawl?
Imagine yourself in one of the biggest in Helsinki among the student communities and then in the evening partying until 2 am.
That is when you hear my set. Unfortunately the club owner wanted to close early.
I only had 25 min to play, but I tried my best :D.


1 Self Control feat. Cecil Felix (Original Mix) by Interlope
2 Sometimes by Technimatic
3 Gunfinger Fam (VIP) by Inja,Serum,Voltage
4 FWD feat. Pola & Bryson (Original Mix) by Logistics
5 Glue by Bicep
6 Clarity (ft. Kemo) by Octane & DLR
7 Northern Light (Original Mix) by Mav
8 Dub Safari (Original) by S.P.Y
9 Yikes! (Lung Remix) by London Elektricity
10 Landslide (feat. Inja) (Original) by S.P.Y
11 Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) by Fourward
12 Send Your Neighbour To Space (Original Mix) by Physics