Kreolis Music World – Deep Drum & Bass #133


Back to normal, but with a really nice D&B session. Should do that more often.
Last time feels like ages ago.

1 Shine by Azur
2 Cienfuegos-Negril by DJ Makala presents Global Funk Sound System
3 Love Goes Where Love Is by Hippo Sound System ft KOG & Franz Von
4 Glimmer Of Hope by Alegria & Radicall
5 Accord by Ben Soundscape
6 Wild Ride by Dava
7 Backbackback by Bukez Finezt
8 Black Noise by Dub Head
9 Neurosis by Felov
10 Access Denied by Gestalt
11 Capone Diet (Roll VIP) by HLZ
12 Slumber by KHAY
13 Access by Kasra
14 Far Away by Khramer
15 Beacon by Logistics
16 Berehynia by Billain


Kreolis Music World – Polin Appro Drippy DnB #128


Have you ever been on a pup crawl?
Imagine yourself in one of the biggest in Helsinki among the student communities and then in the evening partying until 2 am.
That is when you hear my set. Unfortunately the club owner wanted to close early.
I only had 25 min to play, but I tried my best :D.

#dj &bass

1 Self Control feat. Cecil Felix (Original Mix) by Interlope
2 Sometimes by Technimatic
3 Gunfinger Fam (VIP) by Inja,Serum,Voltage
4 FWD feat. Pola & Bryson (Original Mix) by Logistics
5 Glue by Bicep
6 Clarity (ft. Kemo) by Octane & DLR
7 Northern Light (Original Mix) by Mav
8 Dub Safari (Original) by S.P.Y
9 Yikes! (Lung Remix) by London Elektricity
10 Landslide (feat. Inja) (Original) by S.P.Y
11 Sooner Or Later (Original Mix) by Fourward
12 Send Your Neighbour To Space (Original Mix) by Physics

Kreolis Music World – Alikulku Rave Drum&Bass #124


We had an awesome rave in a street under passage. This set was also Ukrainian artists only. I hope you enjoy it. It was really fun to play with all the random people and bad ass speakers.

1 Concentric by Adred & Cory James
2 On You by Annix & Simula
3 Orbiter by Askel & Elere
4 From The Start by ArpXP
5 Chain Of Command by Black Sun Empire & Nymfo
6 Halfjung by DJ Ride
7 Threat by Current Value
8 Half Light by Cauzer & Tacktile
9 Don’t Sleep by Dr. Apollo & dela Moon
10 Hybrid by Document One
11 The Other Tune by Ed:it
12 Glory Of Arschole by Goldberg Variations
13 Pilot by GEST
14 Little Switches by Fre4knc & Subtension
15 Fancy Candles VIP by Holographic
16 No Entry by Geostatic & TWO XY
17 Deathtiny by M.Justa

#dj &bass

Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass? Virtual Germany Party Part 3 #94

This is part 3 of 3 from a set that I played at Virtual Germany Convention (


1 Sometimes – Technimatic
2 Rain (Original Mix) – Impish
3 The Curb (Original Mix) – SpectraSoul
4 In Too Deep (Original Mix) – Flytronix,Jmj
5 Fault Lines feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Unquote’s Snowy Remix) – London Elektricity
6 Untitled Pattern 62 (Original Mix) – Bop
7 Dreamers (Original Mix) – Andrastea,DKMA
8 Woman is an Angel – Levon Vincent
9 Decade (Original Mix) – Bukaddor & Fishbeck
10 The Expert (Original Mix) – Bored & Lazy,The Boardroom
11 Aleks In Love (Original Mix) – Thomas Brinkmann
12 Ritual (Original Mix) – Floorplan
13 Hor (Original Mix) – Rod
14 Sagte der Bär (Original Mix) – Paul Kalkbrenner
15 Waypoint – Technimatic


Kreolis Music World – Funk? Virtual Germany Party Part 2 #93

This is part 2 of 3 from a set that I played at Virtual Germany Convention (


1 Pick It Up – Frank Mantis
2 Disco Fever – Brian Bennett
3 Get Down On It – Kool & The Gang
4 Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) – Parliament
5 Klar – Jan Delay
6 Manhattan (Original Mix) – Laura Greene
7 He’s The Greatest Dancer (Original Mix) – Sister Sledge
8 The More I Get, the More I Want (Original Mix) – Teddy Pendergrass
9 Free and Easy (Original Mix) – Mo’ Horizons
10 Past, Present, Future – Technimatic
11 Light In The Dark (Feat. Terri Walker) (Original Mix) – SpectraSoul,Terri Walker

#funk &bass -soul-jazz