Kreolis Music World – 14.04.2024 Transformation #160


I was invited to a very special event as a DJ: It’s called Muuttumisleikki / The Transformation Game, and the idea is to be transformed for Wappu (1.May is a special day for students in Finland).
Everyone will bring 4-6 drinks, sit down at their seat and then listen to the music for an hour in a dark room lit up only by some ambient lighting and try to finish their drinks in time.

This is the set for the transformation. Tell me your transformation in the comments!

01 Drift by Bicep
02 Night Bird by Deep Forest
03 Recept by Quanta
04 333 (Original Mix) by FM Radio Gods
05 Aureus by Secula
06 Positive Vibration by Liveloula & Shamanic Theory
07 Hypnautic Beats (Hypemix) by Konzept
08 Robotnik (Kling Klang Mix) by Kraftwerk
09 Focus by Stormfield
10 Philosophie by Simmetune

Kreolis Music World – 10.03.2024 Chillout and Meditative Techno #158


Today was a lazy day. Best end to such a day? Some meditative techno. Laying down and enjoying the flow.
I hope you are doing that when listening to this episode!

01 Uncompromising (Original Mix) by Adana Twins
02 Fluke (Original Mix) by Rampa
03 Friction by Phiorio
04 Gwynt by Raw
05 Risk Assessment by Plastikman
06 Amplitude by Luis M
07 Diwali Liquids by Nuage
08 Cosmic Trigger (Executive Producer Remix) by Aerodromme
09 Nam Nam by Trentemoller
10 Float In Space (Zen Racoon Remix) by Code Therapy

Kreolis Music World – 17.12.2023 Dark and Old Techno #153


We are starting dark and minimal with some big names in the Techno scene around 2000. Later on we progress towards even older Techno with a lot more harmonics and lyrics.

01 Gott by Anthony Rother
02 Darko by Booka Shade
03 The Now People by Gregor Tresher
04 Blüten sind dem grossen Schillerfalter fremd by Dominik Eulberg
05 You’re my kind by Electrochemie
06 Seven deadly strokes (Patrick Chardon Remix) by Claude Vonstroke
07 Superlicious by Swoop
08 Rock das right by Sven Wegner
09 Savage Logic (Techno Club Mix) by Die Form
10 Disco Therapy by Trance Media
11 Here on my own by The Disco Boys

Kreolis Music World – Tech House #148


Finally after my gear upgrade and also a couple of DJ gigs, Kreolis Music World is back.
Today we are doing Tehc House. I hope you enjoy it.

1 Expo 2000 (Francois K and Rob Rives Mix) by Kraftwerk
2 Kalif Storch by Modeselektor
3 GRAVITY (feat. josh pan) (Original Mix) by josh pan,X&G
4 Walk Alone (Maceo Plex Revenge Mix) by Maceo Plex,Maetrik
5 Green Space (original mix) by Riktam & Bansi
6 Funky Technician (Original Mix) by Budai & Vic
7 Mugen (Original Mix) by Nicolas Masseyeff
8 Amplitude by Luis M
9 Aliga (Original Mix) by Gregory S,Peter Makto

Kreolis Music World – Disco Techno #146


A bit of digging in the collection and these tracks came up. Some of them are old Techno classics from back in the days some others are a bit newer. In general this is perfect set to start a party night with.

1 Last Test Part 1 by Oxia vs. The Hacker
2 Freaky Games by Eric Borgo
3 Spleen Attitude by Antony
4 Monique by Kiko
5 Fadin’ Away by The Hacker
6 Memorabilia by Flippo Naughty Moscatello
7 Sundown by Arno Riva & Dj Speep
8 Desperata by Professor Angel Dust
9 Dali Bop Horizon by The Modernist
10 U-29 by Untold
11 Bohla by Blawan
12 Cobra by Lone

Kreolis Music World – Technoparty #142


What better music to start the summer than afrobeat and a bit of funky vibes.
So lets get your summer clothes out and swing your booty.
Enjoy and be happy!

1 Timing (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix) by Guy Gerber,Kollektiv Turmstrasse
2 Mad Things (2008 Edit) by Alex Carbo
3 Shed 13 (Original Mix) by Kikumoto Allstars
4 One For the Booth (Original Mix) by Throwing Snow
5 Aragorn (Original Mix) by Solee
6 Academy (Original Mix) by Delon & Dalcan
7 Quantum (Original Mix) by Etapp Kyle
8 Arrival (Original Mix) by MATRiXXMAN
9 Rosie Dog by Audio Dependent

Kreolis Music World – Layback Techno #140


It was such a nice weekend, that I decided to lay back with some old school techno from probably 20 years ago.
This set more a relax and chill then a party set.

1 Square 1 (Original Mix) by Paul Kalkbrenner
2 Take My Time by Lampé
3 Crop Circle by Aerodrömme
4 Eyes To See by Fredrik Astevall
5 Unbreakable by MNGRM
6 Binary Iteration by Ben Rama
7 Magic Mint (Feat Filipe Teixira) by Flembaz
8 Flatpad by Point
9 Interstate Roller Skate by Happy Panda
10 Aéro Dynamik (Kling Klang Dynamix) by Kraftwerk

Kreolis Music World – Ylikulku Techno b2b Monsu #136


I had the great pleasure to play a b2b set during a very awesome rave “Ylikulku”.
Very well done audio setup and in general nice crowd.
I did also the visuals for the entire evening so look into my video social media to see those!

1 Enrico Sagiuliano by Astral Projection
2 Trance Media by Disco Therapy
3 Adele by Skyfall (Shameless remix)
4 High school drop-outs by Acid Over (And Over And Over Again)
5 Boris Brejcha by Up Down Jumper
6 Blawan by Shader
7 Deadmau5 by Imaginary Friends
9 Mr Ozio by Let the children techno
8 Jay Cosmic by The Tunnel
9 Djedjotronic by THe invisible landscape
10 Droplex by Psychological attack
11 Zombie Nation by Relax
12 Shouse by Love Tonight (Restricted & Nik Sitz Edit)

Kreolis Music World – Techno #134


Ah the german fella opens up again his create and what do you think comes out of it?
Correct! Minimal oldschool techno.
None the less this episode was plenty fun!

1 Dust To Dust (Unique Repeat Remix) by Nicorus feat. Sawatzki
2 No Cry by Lampé
3 Means You by Bratenschneider
4 Pulse by Code Therapy
5 Reconcile by Anfo
6 GPS by Flembaz
7 My National Resources by MYDÄ
8 Critical Density by Søren Nordström
9 Mantis by LuneCell
10 Aéro Dynamik (Alex Gopher / Etienne de Crecy Dynamik Mix) by Kraftwerk

Kreolis Music World – Neon Rave Fast Techno #127


This year Neon Rave is back. Fortunately the booked a DJ that played fast techno. Unfortunately that DJ has lost the playlist for this gig.
Sorry for no track names, my USB stick did not want to give me my data back…
But the gig was cool. Was quite challenging as the previous DJ played a DnB set. So keeping up the vibes meant going fast :D.