Kreolis Music World – 07.07.2024 Psytrance Chill #166


I was out with a couble of friends yesterday in a new club for me. It was pretty awesome. They played some wild Techno and Trance.
I wanted so badly to play their too. So thats why I decided to do something similar.

1 Jehovan Jenkka by @Vauhti
2 Maleficent One by Psilogod
3 Sybar Tribaahl by Histereogenik
4 Keep your Eyes Open by Sekoya & Ch’aska
5 Sunrise by Sons Of Sol
6 Froggy France by Phasenverschiebungen
7 Time And Eternity by Nexum
8 Eartheogen (Disttractive Remix) by Down The Well
9 Sumthing Sumthing by Gumbumambo

Kreolis Music World – 23.06.2024 Liquid #165


I heard you say more DnB? Alright! On we go. Here is some chilly liquidy DnB to criuse along.
Hope you are having fun!

01 One Big Family – Hybrid Minds Remix by Temple Cloud
02 Sodium ft. Tesk (Oddsoul Bootleg) by Philanthrope
03 Give Me A Reason by Monty & SKS
04 Exposed by Low:r
05 END OF TME (Original Mix) by KONCORSE
07 The Heart Of Noise (Ji Ben Gong Remix) by JM Jarre & Rone
08 Conrad (Hybrid Minds Bootleg) by Ben Howard
09 Reflections by Flowrian & Simstah
10 Is This the Way? by Keeno/Abbie Rose
11 Born To Synthesise (Bop x Subwave Remix) [feat. Liane Carroll] by London Elektricity
12 Think Of You by RoyGreen & Protone
13 Painted Skies (Leniz Remix) by Seba

Kreolis Music World – 09.06.2024 Oldschool Jungle Core #164


This time we are going old school. Who needs a new song every day if there are already so many good old songs that just have been forgotten.
So lets dig into some old Jungle when DnB was not yet born.

01 Valley of the Shadows by VALLEY OF THE SHADOWS
02 The Touch by THE TOUCH
03 Just a Little (Stink mix) by JUST A LITTLE
04 Euphoria (Nino’s Dream) by EUPHORIA(NINO’S DREAM)
05 Respected Not Accepted by A Touch of Jazz
06 Unplugged (Chaos & Julia Set remix) by Appaloosa
07 Walter Jelly by New Jack Pimps
08 Life Began Changing by Van Kleef
09 The Razor’s Edge by Steve C & Monita
10 Can I Dream (Uncut dub) by Original Substitute
11 The License by Krome & Time
12 Drop the Bass by OutPhaze
13 Extreme by The Tripper

Kreolis Music World – 18.05.2024 Alikulku Sunrise DnB #163


Last set of a really beautiful night with the crew. Only a few people left on the dance floor but the sun rising already in the background.
I am not really happy with the transitions in this one, but the music vibe was nice.

01 Crazy Ft Alex Holmes (SKMA Remix) by Beat Assassins
02 Daydreamer (Buffasyze & JKREPTILE Flip) by Buffasyze
04 Cosmic Creeper by Keeno
05 Titans (Ill Truth Remix) by Blu Mar Ten
06 All the Shimmering Things by Keeno
07 The Song by AIRGLO
08 Guesswork by Keeno
09 Nightingale Valley by Keeno
10 Daydreaming by Keeno/Kailaa
11 Wubba Lubba Dub by Low:r
12 Aave by Cognitoni
13 Medusa by DLR & Safire
14 Strength In You by HC BASS
15 Selfish (Noppo Bootleg) by Little Simz
16 Trauma Into Power (Feat. Twin.FX) by Lesus

Kreolis Music World – 12.05.2024 Chillin Summer Night #162


The long summer nights are back and the temperatures are rising. What is there better to do then go outoside and listen to some chill music.
Where ever you are enjoy and give love to your neighbors.

01 Night Bird by Deep Forest
02 Be Patient Towards What Is Unsolved In Your Heart by Globular
03 Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest
04 Dormant Fermentation by Sephira
05 Moment Of Truth by Inigo Kennedy
06 Space-Love Continuum by Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
07 The Dragon by F.I.E.L.D.Y
08 The First Twilight by Deep Forest
09 Soul Love (feat. Ruby Parker) by Jeff Parker and The New Breed
10 Coagulation (feat. Josh Lambert-Price) by Sephira
11 Around The Globe (feat. Shantifax) by BasikOne
12 Harmony For Sommertime by BasikOne
13 Segue I by Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange

Kreolis Music World – 28.04.2024 Psytrance #161


Have you missed my voice? I am back with another episode from the studio. I also have discovered the psytrance genre in the mean time.
How do you like it?

1 Wobby Robot (Original Mix) by Phillax
2 Into The Game by BasikOne
3 Sybar Tribaahl by Histereogenik
4 Micro Agression by Jbraham Lincoln
5 Froggy France by Phasenverschiebungen
6 Keep your Eyes Open by Sekoya & Ch’aska
7 Sunrise by Sons Of Sol
8 Midas by Newteck

Kreolis Music World – 14.04.2024 Transformation #160


I was invited to a very special event as a DJ: It’s called Muuttumisleikki / The Transformation Game, and the idea is to be transformed for Wappu (1.May is a special day for students in Finland).
Everyone will bring 4-6 drinks, sit down at their seat and then listen to the music for an hour in a dark room lit up only by some ambient lighting and try to finish their drinks in time.

This is the set for the transformation. Tell me your transformation in the comments!

01 Drift by Bicep
02 Night Bird by Deep Forest
03 Recept by Quanta
04 333 (Original Mix) by FM Radio Gods
05 Aureus by Secula
06 Positive Vibration by Liveloula & Shamanic Theory
07 Hypnautic Beats (Hypemix) by Konzept
08 Robotnik (Kling Klang Mix) by Kraftwerk
09 Focus by Stormfield
10 Philosophie by Simmetune

Kreolis Music World – 30.03.2024 Ylikulku Neuro DnB #159


Short but mighty! This episode is the recording of the set that I played during the Yliuklu rave 2024.
It was really awesome and so far my best experience and I hope that you can hear that also in it.

This episode is also available as a video:

So move your furniture aside and prepare for dancing!

01 Gutenberg by gyrofield
02 Beauty by NC-17 & Dr. Apollo
03 Dawn by Shayper
04 A Thousand Eyes by Mandidextrous & Matt Scratch
05 Can You Hear Me? by Russla & Sola
06 We Need Jungle [I’m afraid] by Venjent
07 Extraction by Malux
08 Faded by Low:r & Kit Rice
09 Jungle Ballet by Keeno
10 Massacre by Erb N Dub
11 Fools by Monty & Halogenix
12 Wubba Lubba Dub by Low:r
13 Dis Di Man (Pete Cannon Remix) by Beenie Man
14 The Raid (Callide Remix) by Beat Assassins

Kreolis Music World – 10.03.2024 Chillout and Meditative Techno #158


Today was a lazy day. Best end to such a day? Some meditative techno. Laying down and enjoying the flow.
I hope you are doing that when listening to this episode!

01 Uncompromising (Original Mix) by Adana Twins
02 Fluke (Original Mix) by Rampa
03 Friction by Phiorio
04 Gwynt by Raw
05 Risk Assessment by Plastikman
06 Amplitude by Luis M
07 Diwali Liquids by Nuage
08 Cosmic Trigger (Executive Producer Remix) by Aerodromme
09 Nam Nam by Trentemoller
10 Float In Space (Zen Racoon Remix) by Code Therapy

Kreolis Music World – 25.02.2024 Oldschool or Liquid Jungle? #157


You liked the last episode? Then you will like this one where I ask the question is oldschool Jungle the newschool liquid Jungle. Am I making up some genre that you dont know? What ever… Is’nt that how genres are created?

01 100 Tons of Bass by J and J
02 Ecstatic by Intense
03 Mindscape by Dub Technicians
04 Pulse of Life by The Sentinel
05 I Like It by Jack n Phil
06 Switch by DJ Rap
07 Deep Love by Dillinja & Mystery
08 Peace ‘n Luv by Unity
09 Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix) by Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith
10 Fall Down on Me by Original Substitute
11 New Vision by Big Bud