Kreolis Music World – 03.12.2023 Ambient Advent #152


In the middle of advent I am inviting you to join my relaxation journey with a bit of downtempo and ambient music. So get onto your comfy sofa or chillout area and your headphones and try to relax your mind together with me.

1 South Of The Sky Temple by Krusseldorf
2 Wolves’ Dreams by Vena Portae
3 Life Beyond You by Organikismness
4 Expo 2000 (Kling Klang Mix 2000) by Kraftwerk
5 Ethereal Ecstasy by Chaos Control
6 Renacer by Ajnia
7 Sine Healing (Alchemy Mix) by School Of Crystal Healing
8 Dub Cup by Chronos vs Acidkit
9 In The Night by Frenquency

Kreolis Music World – Layback Techno #140


It was such a nice weekend, that I decided to lay back with some old school techno from probably 20 years ago.
This set more a relax and chill then a party set.

1 Square 1 (Original Mix) by Paul Kalkbrenner
2 Take My Time by Lampé
3 Crop Circle by Aerodrömme
4 Eyes To See by Fredrik Astevall
5 Unbreakable by MNGRM
6 Binary Iteration by Ben Rama
7 Magic Mint (Feat Filipe Teixira) by Flembaz
8 Flatpad by Point
9 Interstate Roller Skate by Happy Panda
10 Aéro Dynamik (Kling Klang Dynamix) by Kraftwerk

Kreolis Music World – Ambient #116


We are exploring ambient meditation and chillout land today again. So grab a hot chocolate or a tea. Sit down and enjoy the moment. Give yourself a rest!
I will guide you through the journey.

1 Mountain 7 by Dislocations
2 Mitford Stories by Sensient
3 Fire by Ajnia
4 Stratos by Jaja
5 Kryos Zero by HuuHaa
6 Merge (Violette Light Mix) by School Of Crystal Healing
7 Hyperactive Slo Mo by School Of Crystal Healing
8 Zeitreise by Field Rotation