Kreolis Music World – Downtempo Psytrance #121


The title of this might sound strange to you, but all the music is from a very nice record label / store for psytrance and trance. But they do not only have the mentioned genres. Basically they also have downtempo how a trance artist would think about it. So lets dive in to that 😀

1 Awakening World (Expedizion’s Flowing Version) by Sixis & Expedizion
2 Rain Dance by Xpirimint
3 Dr. Nakamats’ Underwater Invention Method by Ripple
4 Timeshift Lapse by Sergio Walgood
5 Omboclat by Planet B
6 Bone & Stone by Kalya Scintilla
7 Soul Language (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix) by Specialmind
8 Squid Beak by Monkey Puzzle
9 Deeping by Dream Stalker

Kreolis Music World – Old school Techno #120


I visited the Basseline Festival here in Helsinki. Especially on the first day they had really nice music. Some DnB, some House and a bit of rap.
But you know what was missing? A good old Techno set. So what do you think I did? Correct I made it myself. Here you go served hot 😀

1 Grape B (Trax Edit) by Donnacha Costello
2 Mokba (Original Mix) by CIREZ D
3 Storm Tide (Original Mix) by Radial
4 Control Movement (Original Mix) by Gesaffelstein
5 The Disaster (CD Eleven Edit) by DJ Hell
6 Dial (Original Mix) by Truncate
7 Wayfinder (Original Mix) by Inland
8 Altes Kamuffel (Special Berlin Calling Edit) by Paul Kalkbrenner
9 Drones (Send Me Mix) by Nomad In The Dark
10 Lifetimes (Pan-Pot Bass Times Remix) by Pan-Pot,Slam
11 Moment (Original Mix) by Mike Dehnert
12 Beatmatching (Original Mix) by Mike Dehnert

Kreolis Music World – African Roots (Reggae, Vinyl only) #119


I now long break since I did a recent episode, but I have a vinyl only special for you. Most of the plates a grabbed from a local dealer in Helsinki. From new to old Reggae everything is in this episode. Real holiday vibes flowing!

1 Dimo Yaou Tata feat. Afel Bocoum by Awa Poulo
2 In the spirit by Janine “JAH9” Cunnigham
3 Fire by Gordon Ominde (Black Savage)
4 Can’t stop I by Queen Omega
5 Karabishe by Emil/Tamrat (Mobasa Roots)
6 Ndogo Ndogo by Them Mushrooms
7 365 is my number by King Sunny Ade and his African Beats
8 Uskallatko (Dub) by Elo
9 Ready for the world / I like to see you dance by Inner Circle
10 Operator by Ovid
11 Back Weh Mafia by Mighty Diamonds
12 Kasha Langu by Emil K. Juma (Mobasa Roots)

Kreolis Music World – Downtempo #118


Back in Finland. Trying out video live streaming while recording the episode. There are a lot of things that have to be improved. If you want to watch and hear the live stream of the recording follow me on or

Space Calling by Shamanizm Parallelii
Jello Tape by Oxya
Tatanka by Scopes
Sulam (feat. Holy Taya) by Imagika Om
Apsara by Imagika Om
Song Whos Name Shall Not Be Spoken by Minds of Infinity
Wah Wah Wi Wah by Mr Miaou
Shaman Tales by IXOP
Walkabout (Kalya Scintilla Remix) by RHCP
Acetic Adante (feat. S!M) by Mister Chill’R
Thinking Of You by Dream Stalker

Kreolis Music World – Techno #117


So here in Finland the students are getting ready for Wappu. It is the yearly 1. May fest where all sorts of parties and events happen.
Let’s make some noise and dance!

1 Faces by Walkner.Moestl
2 The Dark Side Of The Sun feat. Puppetmastaz (2000 And One Remix) by 2000 And One,Modeselektor
3 Monosynth (Original Mix) by David Keno,Francesco Passantino
4 Kinetic (Voog Moyager Remix) by Alex Grekov,Voog Moyager
5 Oh, Liberia! by Dustin Zahn & Decimal
6 Blue Yonder (Original Mix) by Ida Engberg
7 Dark And Long (Christian Smith Hypnotica Dub) by Christian Smith,Underworld
8 Tree Of Life (959er Remix) by F.I.E.L.D.Y
9 Orobas (Original Mix) by Flembaz
10 Lyrae (Original Mix) by Etapp Kyle

Kreolis Music World – Ambient #116


We are exploring ambient meditation and chillout land today again. So grab a hot chocolate or a tea. Sit down and enjoy the moment. Give yourself a rest!
I will guide you through the journey.

1 Mountain 7 by Dislocations
2 Mitford Stories by Sensient
3 Fire by Ajnia
4 Stratos by Jaja
5 Kryos Zero by HuuHaa
6 Merge (Violette Light Mix) by School Of Crystal Healing
7 Hyperactive Slo Mo by School Of Crystal Healing
8 Zeitreise by Field Rotation

Kreolis Music World – Afrobeat #115


It recorded this at Easter. I hope you had a nice time. I think I also found the right music for the mood. A bit of afro beat and afro funk. This is always feel good music right?

1 Niger Delta Blues by BANTU ft Tony Allen
2 Zistwar Fer Per by Babani Soundsystem
3 Kings Artifacts by Belén Natalí ft Chalart58
4 Mani Watali by Kakawa
5 Chaltumay by Newen Afrobeat
6 Mosquito by Raul Monsalve y los Forajidos ft Betsayda Machado
7 Mandril by Tabó Afrobeat
8 Benefit For All by Ogun Afrobeat ft Dele Sosimi
9 Medicine by The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
10 Chop Your Moni Go by Okwei Odili ft Aweto Band
11 Agangatolú by Àbáse ft Jadson Xabla, Gabriel Santana, Dr Drumah & Fanni Zahár

Kreolis Music World – Electro and Electronica #114


I had a plenty good time recording this episode. It was really fun and I hope you can join into the mood with me!

1 The Message by The Elektrobass Funkateer vs Grandmaster Flash & The furious five
2 Sambanova (Sam La More Remix) by Pnau
3 Highlife (remember herbert’s mix) by Herbert
4 Smoke Signals by Lone (2)
5 Monique (Original Mix) by Kiko
6 Stay (Original Mix) by Borderline
7 Vodiga by Brainwaltzera
8 Sun by Caribou
9 Libra (Original Mix) by Andre Bratten
10 Me & Madonna (Tape to Tape Remix) by Black Strobe,Tape To Tape

First Short Film

Hey! My first short documentary is released now.
It is about my neighbor. She is a wonderful with all kinds of fabrics.

Watch it here:

Here is the german synopsis:
In der heutigen Wegwerfgesellschaft findet man kaum noch Menschen die Kleidung wertschätzen. Meist wird das gute Stück dann einfach entsorgt, wenn auch nur eine Kleinigkeit fehlt.
Schon seit 40 Jahren flickt und stopft Uta Dirks in ihrer Wohnung im 2. Stock in Landshut für ihre Kunden Kleidungsstücke aller Art.
Sie hat als Stoffdesginerin angefangen und die Abwanderung der Textilindustrie ins Ausland selbst zu spüren bekommen.
Früher war ihr das Gobelinweben ein wichtiges Anliegen. Dieses Hobby kann Sie leider aufgrund ihrer Gesundheit nicht mehr weiterverfolgen. Auch jetzt noch in ihrer Rente ist sie fleißig wie eh und je und repariert für unzählige Kunden aus ganz Bayern Kleidungsstücke.

Kreolis Music World – Tech House #113


Spring has started what better thing to do then enjoy the plants growing and also have a bit of nice music running. Your plants will enjoy it too.

1 Swanky (Original Mix) by Lexicon
2 Reverence (Original Mix) by The Timewriter
3 Your Style (Original Mix) by Maceo Plex
4 Sick (Original Mix) by Basti Grub,Komaton
5 Pleasure Seeker & Me & I (Original Mix) by Elektrochemie,Tiger Stripes
6 Heart Of Flesh (Original Mix) by Technasia
7 Cocoua (Original Mix) by Uner
8 It Feels Wrong (Original Mix) by James What
9 Everless (Original Mix) by &ME