Kreolis Music World – 19.11.2023 Holiday World #151


Today we are going on a trip to warmer countries. Maybe some of you associate this music with vacation. For me, it is definitely relaxing, but you can also dance during your holidays, can’t you?

01 Ribes by The Bombillas
02 My Own Drum by Jumbo System
03 Salamandra by He K Tombe
04 Archfoe by Afro Social Club
05 Genes (Album Version) by Blair French
06 Wonder Us (Renegade of Jazz remix) by Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra
07 Vuelve by Insólito UniVerso
08 Fire by Break Ya Bones
09 Tikulafe by Zé Bigode
10 Livyatan by Stepak Takraw
11 Ballada by The Mabon Dawud Republic
12 Mango by Bahama Soul Club ft Arema Arega

Kreolis Music World – Afrofunk #141


What better music to start the summer than afrobeat and a bit of funky vibes.
So lets get your summer clothes out and swing your booty.
Enjoy and be happy!

1 Wonder Us by Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra
2 Manifesta by IFÁ
3 Tú Llorarás by Holly Holden y Su Banda
4 Primary Sources by London Afrobeat Collective
5 Wetiko by Luka Afrobeat Orquesta
6 Dodgy Fella by Ojibo Afrobeat
7 Bully Boys In Power by The Anthronauts ft Nongoma
8 No Waiting by Les Freres Smith ft Seun Kuti
9 Iba Niawoulo by Professor Wouassa

Kreolis Music World – World & Afrobeat #135


I am doing a small break from electronic msuic with this episode.
We are exploring world music, afrobeat and maybe a bit of ska/dub.
I also have a new toy that I can use in the podcast.

1 Loulou by Etienne de la Sayette
2 Free The System by Dandana
3 Babalawo by Femi Koya
4 Atenteben Blues by Koichi Sakai & Afla Sackey
5 Domoun by LiNDiGo
6 King (Number Rework) by Ian Simmonds ft The Ekonda Women
7 Paisano by Nkumba System ft Mamani Keita
8 Na Lie by The Mabon Dawud Republic ft Dele Sosimi
9 Travelling Man (Dr Dermot remix) by Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra ft Sena
10 Ndakhuchama (Village Cuts Dub) by Moseh Drummist
11 Nyash! E Go Bite You! by Yaaba Funk
12 Expensive Water (Mati Yakataika) by They Must Be Crazy ft Selma Uamusse

Kreolis Music World – Beat Music


What is Beat Music? How did it change the music world?
Late 1950s: the beatles and other beat groups developed their sound.

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