Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass #139


Lovely Sunday in Finland and we are enjoying the last glimpses of the weekend.
If you had no time to dance then be ready. However, we are slowing it down at the end.

1 Rido Breeze by Metalheadz
2 Tink Ya Bad (Original Mix) by G Dub
3 Can’t Get Enough (Original Mix) by Camo & Krooked
4 Autopsy (Original Mix) by Receptor
5 Murmur (ft. Break) by Octane & DLR
6 Round the World in a Day feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Royalston Remix) by London Elektricity
7 Shiver by A Sides
8 Stick & Move feat. MC Fokus (Original Mix) by DLR,MC Fokus,Octane
9 Still Remain by Chords
10 Hope by Cooh
11 Come To Pass by Grafix
12 Fuji (William Light Remix) by IMANU
13 About That by MISSIN
14 Left Of Field by Machine Code
15 Odesa by Halogenix
16 Coming Home by KALOA
17 Fallen From Grace by Leniz & Telomic

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