Kreolis Music World – Downtempo #138


After some high bpm episodes we need a bit of a break and are going on a musical journey.
It starts slow and calming. We will explore even slower music before we ramp up the tempo to get you ready for the next high bpm session.

1 Everlasting Now by Bandarlog
2 Rises In The East by Kalya Scintilla
3 Dreaming Desiderata by Chaos Control
4 Winter by Kukan dUb Lagan
5 Air by Ajnia
6 Mercury by Dream Stalker
7 Garden Of Dreams by Erofex
8 Big Vargan by Chronos
9 El Loco by Caribombo
10 Exploration by Aureohm
11 DNA Activation Sequence by Minds of Infinity
12 Strawberry Lassy by Maiia

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