Kreolis Music World – 12.05.2024 Chillin Summer Night #162


The long summer nights are back and the temperatures are rising. What is there better to do then go outoside and listen to some chill music.
Where ever you are enjoy and give love to your neighbors.

01 Night Bird by Deep Forest
02 Be Patient Towards What Is Unsolved In Your Heart by Globular
03 Sweet Lullaby by Deep Forest
04 Dormant Fermentation by Sephira
05 Moment Of Truth by Inigo Kennedy
06 Space-Love Continuum by Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange
07 The Dragon by F.I.E.L.D.Y
08 The First Twilight by Deep Forest
09 Soul Love (feat. Ruby Parker) by Jeff Parker and The New Breed
10 Coagulation (feat. Josh Lambert-Price) by Sephira
11 Around The Globe (feat. Shantifax) by BasikOne
12 Harmony For Sommertime by BasikOne
13 Segue I by Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange