Kreolis Music World – Afrobeat & Afrojazz #106


Africa has many rhythms and most often they are not heard.
Lets explore the continent a little bit.
Maybe also some samba vibes sneaked in… But still groovy music!

1 Ndeko Solo by Afriquoi
2 Que se vaya el Presidente by Afro Iná
3 Lucidty by Atomga
4 Animal Carnival (Fokn Bois remix) by BANTU
5 O.D.O.O. (F.E.L.A. Tribute Rework) by DJ Makala
6 Do Allen / Diabo Na Terra by Carapaus Afrobeat ft Tony Allen, Boss AC & Oghene Kologbo
7 In My Craft by Huw Marc Bennett ft Miryam Solomon
8 Free Flow by Instigator Afrobeat Orchestra ft Masia One
9 Icy Road by JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra
10 Todo Dia É Dia de Índio (Tahira Afrobeat Rework) by Jorge Ben
11 There Is No Sea In Bamako by KINSHASA
12 ABJ Groove by Manou Gallo ft Bootsy Collins
13 My Teacher Taught Me Nonsense by Mzee ft Femi Koya

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Kreolis Music World – Tribe Vibes #104


Something different today:
A mix of mostly Indian music vibes. Special two tracks in the middle will bring you near a fire place, where you and your tribe perform a ritual or maybe just a gathering.

Lots of fun and also body vibes going on!

1 Intersection Dimension by False Identity
2 Bastardized Beat Soup by Rob Vector
3 Adventures In Mossland by Monkey Puzzle
4 Digital Delirium by SeaMoon
5 Eyes of Infinity by Minds of Infinity
6 Fractions Of Time by Harmonic Frequency
7 Path of Heart by Minds of Infinity
8 Orange Glory by Step High
9 Kamakhya (feat. Rama) by Imagika Om