Kreolis Music World – Downtempo Psytrance #121


The title of this might sound strange to you, but all the music is from a very nice record label / store for psytrance and trance. But they do not only have the mentioned genres. Basically they also have downtempo how a trance artist would think about it. So lets dive in to that 😀

1 Awakening World (Expedizion’s Flowing Version) by Sixis & Expedizion
2 Rain Dance by Xpirimint
3 Dr. Nakamats’ Underwater Invention Method by Ripple
4 Timeshift Lapse by Sergio Walgood
5 Omboclat by Planet B
6 Bone & Stone by Kalya Scintilla
7 Soul Language (Unusual Cosmic Process Remix) by Specialmind
8 Squid Beak by Monkey Puzzle
9 Deeping by Dream Stalker

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