Kreolis Music World – Drum & Bass (Mini Mix Edition) #50

Here we go Episode 50. Wow. Today I present to you some mini mixes I made for the Cuckoosnest DJ competition on Hospitality on the beach.
1 The Plan That Cannot Fail (Logistics Remix) by London Elektricity
2 After Dark (Original Mix) by Electrosoul System
3 MiniMix Cuckoosnest 1 by Kreolis
4 The Curb (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
5 Let Me Go (ft. Marion) by Octane & DLR
6 MiniMix Cuckoosnest 3 by Kreolis
7 Buggin’ (Original Mix) by SpectraSoul
8 Love the Silence feat. Elsa Esmeralda (Mutated Forms Remix) by London Elektricity

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