Kreolis Music World – Saturday Funk #8

  • 1I’ve Got What You Need by Hooper, Mary Jane
  • 2Poppin’ Popcorn by Highlighters
  • 3Funky Four Corners (Instrumental) by Richard Marks
  • 4June by Gizelle Smith
  • 5Who’s Making Love by Johnnie Taylor
  • 6It’s A Trip by The Last Poets
  • 7Superpeople by The Notations
  • 8Don’t Get Weary by Gramatik
  • 9Sumthin’ by Gramatik
  • 10Amen Brother (1969) by The Winstons
  • 11You’ll Like it Too (1981) by Funkadelic
  • 12Son of Scorpio (1972) by Dennis Coffey
  • 13Last Night Changed it All (1976) by Esther Williams
  • 14God Made Me Funky (1975) by The Headhunters
  • 15Gotta Get Out of Here (1978) by Lucy Hawkins
  • 16Let’s Have Some Fun (1977) by Bar-Kays

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