Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

Early Access Excess 11.07.2020

New VR Party! This time we celebrate the early access launch of Tivoli Cloud VR.
Thanks to Christina XaosPrincess Kinne for having me again as a DJ.

So join this Saturday!
Instructions can be found here: blog.tivolicloud.com/early-acc

PS: We are searching for more DJs. So contact me, if you want present music in front of an awesome community!

#party #vr #tivoli #dj #electronic #music #virtual #reality

Big Anniversary Party

Since I am active for 10 years by now and I am getting quarter of a century old, I thought it would be a good idea to make a big party!

Where: ??? Surprise!

When: Summer (more infos while be published)

What: Me having fun while you dance and drink